Chocolat! (brass band version)

Chocolat! (brass band version)

The brass band version is coming…

‘Chocolat!’ is ‘Chocolat!’ is a piece written for solo trumpet, two percussionists and concert band with style inspired by funk and jazz music. The name, comes from the nickname of trumpet player Raúl Garcia ‘Chocolate’. It consists of a main part that is repeated in the third part of the work and a central part only where percusionitas and solo trumpet can openly vary the music initially proposed by the composer, totally ad libitum. It can also be interpreted as it is written. With a very current character, it is an ideal piece to complete a concert of original and different form. The level of the piece for the belt is 3-4. But ‘Chocolat!’ is more than another musical work for band, IS A PROJECT. Here we explain in detail: CHOCOLAT PROJECT 

Free download of the solo trumpet part

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The Premiere in Belgium

The Chocolat Project

Video Score


Instrumentation | Brass Band (coming soon)

Duration | 6:00 aprox

Grade | C-D