Coltell (marcha cristiana)

Coltell (marcha cristiana)

Coltell was a finalist of the 1st Composition Competition ‘Ciudad de Valencia 2008’. Released in the Palau de la Música of Valencia by the ‘Sociedad Ateneo Musical del Puerto’ of Valencia in April 2008. ‘Desperta ferro!’ Was the battle cry that the Almogávares professed before a battle. The Almogávares in the time of Jaime I the Conqueror (1218-1275) were militias that in spite of their rudimentary stampa always they were victorious of their combats with the Arabs: without helmet, armor, or shield, they used a shuttle of Darts, an Ascona (short spear) and above all a short sword: the “coltell”.

Music has always accompanied the Feasts of “Moros y Cristianos” since its inception. The music is one of the aspects that also stand out in this party, especially the famous Spanish pasodoble.

The music for the Feasts of “Moros y Cristianos” has also developed other genres such as procession marches,  hymns of feasts, hymns to the patron saint , ballets, incidental music, etc.

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Instrumentation | Wind Orchestra – Festive Music

Duration | 5:09

Grade | D