The title ‘Dis-TENSIONS-diS’ is a game (or pun) with the words tension and distension (relaxation). The work stems from a ‘Leitmotiv’ presented at the beginning of the work by the warm sound of the bassoon. So from this melody draws all small parts for maximum re-use like elements of cohesion in different parts of the work. Hence the inevitable game of ‘tension and relaxation’ that occurs from such re-use of the same subject, but with a multitude of possible variations.

Dis-TENSIONS-diS received a Mencion de Honor at the Italian Concorso Internazionale di Composizione Originale per Banda 2009.


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OrdersMolenaar Edition


Flash, the wind Music of Carlos Pellicer

Astro Suite

Instrumentation | Wind Orchestra

Duration | 15:56

Grade | E-F

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