Ha-Ben-Sahines (marcha mora)

Ha-Ben-Sahines (marcha mora)

Commissioned for the ‘Filà Ha-Ben-Sahines’ of Pego, Alicante, the year of his Capitania Mora, in 2013. Music has always accompanied the Feasts of “Moros y Cristianos” since its inception. The music is one of the aspects that also stand out in this party, especially the famous Spanish pasodoble.

The festivities themselves motivated an adequate music, a rhythm of their own to accompany the parades, from the pasodoble, a musical variety within the march form. The marches are musical works that fall within the compositions defined by the movement or by the rhythm. The marches regulate the passage of a certain number of people. The pasodobles are light marches, adopted as a regulation step of the infantry, with a special characteristic that makes the troop can carry the ordinary passage of parade.

The music for the Feasts of “Moros y Cristianos” has also developed other genres such as procession marches,  hymns of feasts, hymns to the patron saint , ballets, incidental music, etc.


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Instrumentation | Wind Orchestra – Festive Music

Duration | 5:58

Grade | C