Haissan (marcha mora)

Haissan (marcha mora)

Premiered by the ‘Asociación Musical Sta. Cecilia’ of Elda, Alicante,  at the ‘II Encuentro de Compositores de Música Festera’, in 2003. Marcha Mora inspired by the legend of the brave Arab general “Al-Haissan” who ruled the Iberian Peninsula between the years 725 to 730 and who has gone down in history as ambitious and above all as a fierce warrior on the battlefield. Thus the march reflects in certain climactic moments, the bravery of this general in full combat, with the percussion instruments as evidence of the ferocity of his weapons of war.

The work is dedicated to the ‘Banda de la Asociación Músico-Cultural Eldense Santa Cecilia de Elda’, in gratefulness for their collaboration in the premiere of it on March 29, 2003 at the Castelar Theater.


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Instrumentation | Wind Orchestra – Festive Music

Duration | 5:10

Grade | D