In Aurea (clarinet quartet)

In Aurea (clarinet quartet)

(2009) Triptych by clarinet quartet (Bb clarinets, bass clarinet, Eb clarinet and corno di basseto). Released in September 2009 within the XXV Festival of Contemporary Music of Alicante by the quartet of clarinets “A Tempo”.

From the theory about the Fibonacci series, this triptych is built for quartet of clarinets where this numerical series is also used to construct two types of scales: one parallel and the other symmetrical. These scales are born from the same series Fibonacci from the addition of semitones and later are also used to form a twelve-tone series with some of its variants.
The names of each movement come from three of the characters who used the named proportion as previously mentioned: Leonardo da Vinci (Vinciniana), Luca Pacioli (Paciolina) and Bela Bartok (Bartokiana).


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Instrumentation | Chamber Music

Duration | 8:10

Grade | D

CD’s | Coming Soon