Jesús Alonso Valentino (pasodoble)

Jesús Alonso Valentino (pasodoble)

Commission conferred by the ‘Agrupación Musical La Nova’ y la ‘Unió Musical Quatretondense’ in honor of D. Jesús Alonso Sentandreu. Released in the tribute to D. Jesús Alonso Sentandreu in 2002.

Jesús Alonso Sentandreu was born in Burgos in 1911 and is forged in his mother’s Valencian. He entered the National Magisterium in 32 and took possession of his first school in Gátova, Valencia, in 1933. The war truncates his professional life and afterwards he is engaged in all sorts of activities. He retired as a teacher in 1959. He worked in Vilamarxant, Moncada and Valencia, where he retired in 1977, at the same time as his Excellency.  The music for the Feasts of “Moros y Cristianos” has also developed other genres such as procession marches,  hymns of feasts, hymns to the patron saint , ballets, incidental music, etc.


Instrumentation |Wind Orchestra – Festive Music

Duration | 5:50

Grade | C

CD’s | Coming Soon