Omaira, for trombone solo and band (or piano)

Omaira, for trombone solo and band (or piano)

On November 13th 1985 the town of Armero in Columbia was literally swept away. It was bombarded by an avalanche of mud and stones set off by the melting of glaciers caused by the soon-to-erupt Volcano Nevado del Ruiz. This composition is dedicated to then 13 year old, Omaira Sanchez, one of the more than 23,000 victims of this disaster. The version for bass trombón was released in April of 2013 by the Banda Municipal de Castellón under the direction of José Vte. Ramón Segarra and Javier Colomer (Bass trombone solo). The version for tenor trombone was released in December 2013 by the Banda Municipal de Pinto under the direction of Jose Antonio Blasco and Ximo Vicedo (solo tenor trombone – ORTVE).

CD’s |Flash, the wind Music of Carlos Pellicer

Instrumentation | Wind Orchestra or piano and trombone solo

Duration | 12:10

Grade | 4 (D)

FLASH, The wind music of Carlos Pellicer. Ximo Vicedo, soloist

Omaira in TVE. Piano reduction.

21 Festival Internacional de Mayo.Teatro Degollado, Guadalajara

Bass trombone version

David Rejano version