El Quinteto y las Sillas, (brass quintet and percussion)

El Quinteto y las Sillas, (brass quintet and percussion)

The ‘Quinteto y las Sillas’ (The Quintet and the Chairs) is a diptych written in 2010 for two trumpets, horn, trombone, tuba and percussion (three chairs). Written in co-authorship with Frank J. Cogollos. Inspired by the painting of the same name by the Valencian painter José Segrelles in commemoration of the 125th anniversary of his birth.

Released in September 2010 in the Concert-Homage to the painter. As in Segrelles’s painting, the work is structured with two movements that are born from the two main elements that are extracted from the same title: the chairs and The quintet, in this case a classical quintet of metals. As a characteristic note it should be noted that in the first movement three chairs of different styles are used as percussion instruments: a wooden chair, a metal chair and a study chair.


Instrumentation | Chamber Music

Duration | 8:20 aprox

Grade | D

CD’s | Coming Soon