Stàrracos (marcha mora)

Stàrracos (marcha mora)

This work was commissioned by the ‘Colla La Socarrà’ from Xàtiva for their participation in the III Contest of Groups of Dulzainas and Percussion of Altea in 2008 with which they obtained the First Prize. From the name of the group it becomes the title of the work: the reverse order of the letters of the word StàrracoS form another word, “Socarrats”, appealing to the people of Xàtiva and also names this group.

The original version for group of dulzainas and percussion of StàrracoS was released on December 30, 2007 by the same colla “La Socarrà” and is included in the CD Stàrracos.

The band version was released by the Sociedad Musical Banyeres de Mariola on March 16, 2008.

Orders |Free download in pdf


Instrumentation | Wind Orchestra / Dulzainas and percussion

Duration | 6:42

Grade | D