Titans (marcha cristiana)

Titans (marcha cristiana)

Music has always accompanied the Feasts of “Moros y Cristianos” since its inception. The music is one of the aspects that also stand out in this party, especially the famous Spanish pasodoble. The festivities themselves motivated an adequate music, a rhythm of their own to accompany the parades, from the pasodoble, a musical variety within the march form.

Prize of the VI Composition Competition ‘Callosa d’En Sarrià 2000’.

The marches are musical works that fall within the compositions defined by the movement or by the rhythm. The marches regulate the passage of a certain number of people. The pasodobles are light marches, adopted as a regulation step of the infantry, with a special characteristic that makes the troop can carry the ordinary passage of parade.

The music for the Feasts of “Moros y Cristianos” has also developed other genres such as procession marches,  hymns of feasts, hymns to the patron saint , ballets, incidental music, etc.

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Instrumentation | Wind Orchestra – Festive Music

Duration | 4:30

Grade | C