Chain Menu

Menu, for wind band

The “World Premiere Chain” is running!


Would you like to join the band that has already played ‘Menu’?

You can check the demo score and complete audios. Contact us.

The Event

Listen to some ‘Menu’:
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The Idea
It is an original and new initiative: the world ‘premiere in chain’ of a composition for band. The idea is born of the composer himself: ‘For some time now I have been thinking of being able to carry out a project of this kind, to be able to make a chain debut of one of my works. A premiere in each country. Only one premiere in each country. In this way the whole world will have access to it. ‘
The Chain

The first premiere of Menu will be in Spain, of course, on April 27 of this year by the Banda Municipal de Bilbao with the Maestro José Rafael Pascual-Vilaplana. The following releases in other countries may be between April 28 and December 30. Any day! No problem with this! It is to facilitate to the directors. You can include Menu in any concert that you have scheduled during those dates.

Only until December 30. Why? Because the work will come out in the catalog of Molenaar Edition this year. Until that date, December 30, can only be reserved, can not be sold to be able to develop this project ‘premiere in chain.’

About 'Menu'

Level of the work: C.

Total duration: 11:20 approx.

It is a work divided into three movements which are related to the development and ‘tasting’ of a good gastronomic menu. The titles of these movements (L’Apéritif, La spécialité du Chef and ‘American pie’, le grand finale) are related to the content, character and rhythm of each dish prepared for this original menu: a short but intense starter, a main dish with different textures but very consistent, and a good dessert with a lot of flavor and a lot of rhythm.

Here you can listen to a video promo

Who? Any director from any country

Any director of any country that likes the idea and wants to make the premiere in their country. Interested directors or bands can contact directly through the CONTACT PAGE and receive a preview of the score, complete sample audios and more instructions on this idea, attending the proposals in order of entry to our email. The materials for the premiere will be delivered free of charge. Only one director and one band per country.

The Promo

After confirming the directors, bands and dates of the premieres, a promotion will be launched by social networks and national and international media, with a promotional video, website about the project, etc … Directors and bands will appear in this Video as the main part of the event, of course.

International conductors and bands that have confirmed the premieres


(premiere debut)


The Netherlands


United States of America




Czech Republic






United Kingdom




And the next?