Coherence is the key

– The best option is to create music of our time, not the past but also music of the future. A composer can think of the public, also in the musicians, but always has the responsibility to think in the own music, THIS IS COHERENT. –

Carlos Pellicer


Carlos Pellicer

Carlos Pellicer studied in different music schools, Spanish conservatories and academies as well as in an independent way with renowned teachers and he specialized in conducting and composition.

He usually lectures on his music and is required as a music consultant on many recordings and participates in the jury in many competitions in Spain and Italy mainly. At the moment he is the conductor of the U.M. Llutxent, Valencia, teaches music education classes and works for the Dutch publisher Molenaar Edition, who publishes his music for the band.


He has written many works for different orchestral groups and music for the cinema although his greatest love is composing music for band. His works have been played by important international groups and festivals like the National Conservatory from Lisboa, Brassband Excelsior Veenwoudsterwal from Holland, Federazione dei Corpi Bandistici from Trento, the interpretation contests of Veldhoven and Enschede from Holland, CIBM Valencia, Alicante International Contemporary Music Festival, Provincial Band Competition from Valencia, Musikfest Baden-Württemberg from Germany, Concours National CMF de Niort, Concours National de Musique de Bourbon-Lancy, Concours National de Musique de Abbeville, from France, and the contests organized by KNFM and KNMO from Holland. Carlos Pellicer released some of his works with bands of renown such as Banda Municipal de València, Banda Municipal de Castelló,  Banda Municipal de Bilbao, Banda Municipal de Pinto and commissioned in different competitions as XXXIV Certamen de Bandes de la Comunitat Valenciana, Certamen de Música de Moros i Cristians d’Elda, Certamen de Bandes de Música Festera d’Altea la Vella, etc. His music is usually played in other countries like Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, United States, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore, etc. Special mention should be made of the concert tour that he made during the year 2017, with the premiere of one of his works for wind orchestra, Menu, in 19 countries around the world.

Between his next more important projects it is possible to emphasize: the premiere of his next work, Euphoric City, in Texas-USA the next month of May, and the composition of the compulsory work for the International Contest of Music Altea 2018 that will be celebrated next December of 2018.



Awards and Recognition
He has received many national and international awards. The most outstanding prizes are: the second prize and Honorable Mention of the XXVII Edition of the prestigious International Contest for Original Band Composition in Corciano, Italia 2009, the first prize of the same contest in the XXIX Edition 2013 and the Euterpe award of music 2014.


Wind Orchestra, Solo Concerts, Chamber Music,

Festive Music, Film Music and CD’s.