Teaching, composing, conducting.

Carlos Pellicer is a teacher, composer and conductor. He has written many works for different orchestral groups and music for the cinema, although his greatest dedication is the composition of band music. His works have been performed by important international groups and festivals such as the Lisbon National Conservatory (Portugal), Brassband Excelsior Veenwoudsterwal (the Netherlands), Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival (Korea), etc.

The last

These are the most recent and outstanding works in music for band or other formations.


For concert band or wind orchestra. Duration 13:30, grade 5 (E). Premiere october 2023


Double concertino for trumpet, bandoneon and concert band. Duration 18:00, grade 5 (E).


The reason

Diptych for wind orchestra or concert band. Duration 13:40, grade 4 (D).


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Thank you my friends…

The music of Carlos Pellicer is coming directly from the heart. It is full with beautiful emotional melodic and rhythmical intense material in a catchy style of today and orchestrated so beautifully. I simple love it!

Ben Van Dijk

Bass Trombonist

The emotion and sentiment expressed in Omaira by the Carlos Pellicer constitutes one of the most beautiful and sublime representations, enaltening with his music this sad tragedy, giving him the dignity he deserves.

Pacho Flores

International Trumpet Soloist


The music of Carlos Pellicer looks for the infinite beauty from the perfect work polished for the detail and from the huge variety of colours that join the harmony and the orchestration. And all of this because of a firm and regular creative search.

José Rafael Pascual-Vilaplana

Composer and Conductor

The music composed by Carlos Pellicer denotes wisdom and control of the orchestration for symphonic band, own of the great masters in this specialty.

Roque Baños

Composer and Conductor

The music of Carlos catches you, describes perfectly feelings, strength, colors and characters. It perfectly uses the control over the instruments by taking what is required of them at all times. THANKS FOR YOUR MUSIC!

Ximo Vicedo

Soloist Trombone

I am convinced that his attractive compositions will find their way to the concert hall. Highly recommended!

Johan de Meij

Composer and Conductor