It is a work divided into three movements which are related to the development and “tasting” of a good gastronomic menu. The titles of these movements (L’Apéritif, La spécialité du Chef and “American pie”, le grand finale) are related to the content, character and rhythm of each dish prepared for this original menu: a short but intense starter, a main dish with different textures but very consistent, and a good dessert with a lot of flavor and a lot of rhythm.

‘World Chain Premiere’

 This is an original and new initiative never realized: the “premiere in chain” of a band composition. 

 The idea | The idea is born of the composer  himself: “For some time now I’ve been thinking about being able to carry out a project of these characteristics, to make a chain debut of one of my works. A premiere in each country. Only one premiere in each country. Then everyone will have access to it”.

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‘Menu’ premiered in Singapore with the West Winds conducted by ME6 Philip Tng. September 2017.

OrdersMolenaar Edition

CD’s | Menu

Instrumentation | Wind Orchestra

Duration | 11:20

Grade | C-D