for solo trumpet, two drums and concert band

‘Chocolat!’ is ‘Chocolat!’ is a piece written for solo trumpet, two percussionists and concert band with style inspired by funk and jazz music. The name, comes from the nickname of trumpet player Raúl Garcia ‘Chocolate’. It consists of a main part that is repeated in the third part of the work and a central part only where percusionitas and solo trumpet can openly vary the music initially proposed by the composer, totally ad libitum. It can also be interpreted as it is written. With a very current character, it is an ideal piece to complete a concert of original and different form. The level of the piece for the belt is 3-4. But ‘Chocolat!’ is more than another musical work for band, IS A PROJECT. Here we explain in detail.  And all thanks to our sponsor Sanganxa Music Store and the dutch publishing house Molenaar Edition Free project dossier

the Premiere in Belgium

the Soloists

Trumpeter soloist freelance

Raúl García 'Chocolate'

Raúl García García studies in Valencia where he begins to develop an excellent technique with the trumpet from very young. He studied under the supervision of professors such as Salvador Albert Palop and also attended classes at the hands of Maurice André, Pierre Thibeau, Manuel Lopez, Vicente Campos and José Ortiz. Later he specializes in the jazz world in the ‘Jazz Workshop of Sedaví’ with Francisco Blanco “Latino” and continues in the jazz workshop of Benimaclet with Daniel Flors and Ramón Cardo. From here he begins to be part of diverse formations like trumpet player: Sedajazz Big Band, Latin Enssemble, La Nova Big Band of Xativa, Jove Jazz Band, etc. He has performed in major Jazz Festivals such as San Sebastian, San Javier, Lisbon, Madrid, Prague, Toledo, Valladolid, Menorca, Benidorm, Granada, etc., already shared with great musicians such as Allen Vizutti, Mike Mossman, Greck Hopkins, Mark Nightingale, Horacio “the Negro”, Perico Sambeat, etc. Also as a freelance musician he has collaborated with many orchestras, groups and famous artists such as: Presuntos Implicados, Sandoval and the Latin Wall, Carlos Baute, Carrusel Orchestra, Montecarlo Orchestra, Plateria Orchestra, etc. collaborating also in different national and international recordings, like “Amame como soy” of Niña Pastori with which obtains a Grammy award.

Soloist of Percussion of the Madrid Symphony Orchestra

Esaú Borredá
Soloist of Percussion of the Madrid Symphony Orchestra (OSM). He studied in Valencia and Madrid and has collaborated with numerous chamber groups and national orchestras. As a soloist he has performed with the Spanish Radio Orchestra (OSRTVE), Madrid Okho, the Madrid Symphony Orchestra, etc., with works by Ney Rosaura (Carlos III), Keiko Abe and Uneven Souls.

Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid

He has participated as a percussionist for the National Drama Center of Spain, has been a founding member of the group Urbethnic and percussionist of the group Neopercusión, with which he has edited 3 cd’s and made numerous tours throughout the national territory and part of the foreigner, of Granada, International Festival of Cuba (Havana), International Course of Music in France, etc. Together with Raúl Benavent in the year 2000 he forms ‘Face to Face percussion duo’, performing concerts in various parts of the Spanish geography. In 2000 he joined the staff of teachers of the Madrid Symphony Orchestra, based at Teatro Real (Madrid). He is currently a soloist of O.S.M., an activity that combines with the figure of director and teacher with Raúl Benavent of the Percho Center ‘Madrid Okho’ since 2001.

Soloist of Percussion of the Symphony Orchestra of Spanish Radio Television

Raúl Benavent

Soloist of Percussion of the Symphony Orchestra of Spanish Radio Television (OSRTVE). He studied in the conservatories of Valencia, Madrid, Neopercusión-Madrid and in Hogeschool loor Muziek in Theater Rotterdam. He was a student of the Young National Orchestra of Spain (JONDE), member of the group Neopercusión from 1996 to 2001 and professor of this same center.

Orquesta Sinfónica de RTVE
Orquesta Sinfónica de RTVE

He is the author of several pedagogical projects and with the group ‘Madrid OKHO, Dúo’ performs several shows like “Talking Drum” “Origen”. As a soloist she has performed with the RTVE Symphonic Orchestra on several occasions performing pieces by N. Rosauro, T. Takemitsu, B.Bartok, Keiko Abe, Avner Dorman , etc. He was professor at the University Francisco de Vitória (Madrid) and in the center of High Performance Maurice André (Lliria). At the moment he is also professor of percussion in the University Alfonso X the Wise and performs an important work both interpretative and pedagogical. He is director of ‘Madrid-Okho, Center of Percussion’ in Madrid and Valencia, professor of percussion in the center of Teaching Above and Master in Progreso Musical and currently directs the Chamber Orchestra of the Center for Advanced Studies “Progreso Musical”.

the Project continues…

If your band is interested in playing, getting to know and learning firsthand these three great soloists, ‘Chocolat!’ is more than a piece of music, is a PROJECT. A project sponsored by Sanganxa Music Store with the intention of bringing the project to any band, from anywhere without practically no cost. The project starts from the base of a simple concert with the soloists and the band or the following activities: WORKING SESSION with soloists and composer, MASTER CLASS of percussion, MASTER CLASS of trumpet (improvisation and jazz), WORK SESSION with the composer, CONCERT of ‘Chocolat!’ with soloists and the band. Contact us and we will explain how we do it:

Free project dossier

the Project in Videoreport

Up to this date the project ‘Chocolat!’ is underway along with the following bands and directors, with whom we will perform in some of the best auditoriums and theaters in Europe such as the Brucknerhaus Linz, Austria. Updates with all bands that are added to our tour can be found on this page.

the next?

  • January 12, 13 and 14, 2018. Woodland Concert Band Torhout. Nico Logghe, conductor. Torhout, Belgium.
  • March 3 and 4, 2018. Asociación Musical Moteña. José Enrique Martínez Esteve, conductor. Mota del Cuervo, Spain
  • July 13, 14 and 15, 2018. Unió Musical de Llutxent. Carlos Pellicer, conductor. Llutxent, Spain
  • November 27 and 28, 2018. Voestalpine Blasorchester. Alois Papst, conductor. Linz, Austria
  • December 23, 2018. La Lira de Pozuelo de Alarcón. Carlos Pellicer and Maxi Santos, conductors. Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain
  • December 27 and 28, 2018. Societat Musical Llosa de Ranes.Carlos Pellicer and Rafa Grau, conductors. La Llosa de Ranes, Spain
  • July 10, 2019. Agrupació Artística Musical de Dénia. Frank de Vuyst, conductor. Dénia, Spain
  • September 13, 14 and 15, 2019. Banda Marcial Do Vale. Bruno Azevedo, conductor. Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal
  • December 21, 2019. Banda de Música de Maó (Mahón). Miquel Llario, conductor. Mahón, Spain

the Sponsor

Sanganxa is a Spanish company specialized in wind instruments and accessories that has a wide catalog of quality products of the best brands, always attending to the latest developments in the market.  But it is also a committed and supportive company, which invests part of its benefits in social projects through music, scholarship programs and labor insertion and in more than 30 activities for the dissemination of music throughout the year, for everything the national and international territory as it is now the project ‘Chocolat!’. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING MUSIC, THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING CULTURE.