Suite for wind band

FLASH, suite for wind band, was written in 2015. The work that names the first monographic CD of the wind music of Carlos Pellicer “Flash”, is written and dedicated to the Agrupació Musical Sta. Cecília d’Ador, Valencia, for the celebration of its 125th anniversary. 

The work is structured in three movements: Overture, is built with a solid sonority combining different styles. Loving time, is much more classic and with great expressiveness. It differentiates two independent sub parts and a third that interrelates the two previous, inspired by two people of great importance for the author, his wife Natalia and his son Àlex. The work closes with a movement much more effective and brilliant, Adornian finale, name derived from the locality of Ador, to which belongs the Agrupació Musical Sta. Cecília d’Ador.

This CD gathers some of the most important works of the composer edited by the Dutch publishing house Molenaar Edition.

CD’s |Flash, the wind Music of Carlos Pellicer

Instrumentation | Wind Orchestra

Duration | 10:00

Grade | D-E

FLASH, The music of Carlos Pellicer