El Cuento de la 'C'

El Cuento de la 'C'

The story of the C is a short animated film that tells the story of a girl, Cristina, who is learning to write her name, but does not know what the letter C is. Instead of telling her, her parents tell her riddles to That she alone discovers the form of the letter. Encouraging your imagination and your ability to observe, looking for in the things around you forms that resemble the initial of your name. The end result of the game will eliminate all your frustration, meet the C and discover that his name is not as ugly as he thought.

Winner of the ‘Lola Kenya Screen’ Festival (Kenya)

Best short film for the ‘Short Course-Short Film Festival of Velilla de San Antonio’

Best short film in the ‘Made for children’ section of the South Beach International animation Festival (USA)

(2007), Animation Short Film
Production: Drop Illustration-Madrid
Director: Carlos Navarro
Original Music: Carlos Pellicer

You can see the full movie: